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SPACER is a minimalist set of role-playing game rules for running old school science-fiction adventures, inspired by and compatible with KNAVE created by Ben Milton. Tweaking the rules and creating your own exciting science-fiction universe is expected and encouraged.

Like KNAVE, SPACER features:

  • Compatibility with most OSR-style games. Weapons, armour and especially creatures & traps can be used with few, if any, changes.

  • Fast to teach, easy to run. Especially suited to games with new players or one-shots where fast character creation and few rules are a bonus.

  • No classes. Every PC is a Spacer, a galaxy- hopping adventurer at home in space as much as planet-side with a bag full of tech to help them. A PC’s role in the party is determined largely by the equipment they carry and their attitude.

  • No skills, all d20 rolls use six standard abilities. Any PC’s without the skills to survive in space are already dead.

  • Optional player-facing rolls. Spacer allows Referees to run a game where players do all the rolling. Switching between the traditional shared- rolling model and player-only rolling can be done on the fly.

  • Credit Standard. Everything costs credits, every- one gets paid credits. One credit is the same as one copper piece in Knave.


Spacer v2.pdf 136 kB


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This is freaking awesome! Do you mind if I going to translate it in Italian?

Go for it! And thank you.